Worried about what you'll do with the greyhound shutting down? We've got you covered!

Brown Pow Express


Shuttles up to Half Nelson area

 Whether you have a big group, just a few friends, or are enjoying a solo ride, you can count on us to get you to the trails. 

Pickups around Squamish with drop off near Half Nelson parking lot (other locations coming soon). Get some quick laps in when you're short on time or add an extra run at the end of the day. We have multiple options to choose from to cater to everyone's needs. 


Whistler Bike Park/Squamish Trails Shuttles

Return trip transportation to Whistler and the Bike Park with multiple pickup options to make it easy on you. Or catch a round trip ride from Whistler down to Squamish to hit some of our amazing trails. Add on a Half Nelson drop off and you're already at the trails ready to go !

With custom bike racks to keep everything safe and some MTB videos to watch while we drive, you'll be stoked to hit those bike trails asap.  


Custom Bike Tours

Group transportation to some of BC's best bike parks and trails. Choose your own adventure or pick a pre-built package.

*pre-built packages are in the works so please inquire for more info 

Shuttle Services & Rates